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Thomas De Gendt's primed for the off season


A University of Dundee student is to try and everest Dundee Law tomorrow.

Sean Douglas, a third-year Physics student, will be raising funds for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. You can donate here.

“I’ve worked out that if I set off at 5am, I will have to do 150 laps of the Law hill circuit to achieve the dizzying heights of Everest,” he said. “That’s about 30,000ft of climbing in roughly 140 miles, so this is going to be a mental challenge as much as it will be physical.

“I returned to cycling less than two years ago having taken some time off but I’m confident that if I don’t overthink it and just go for it I will summit before 7pm on Saturday. More importantly, I just hope that the funds we raise will make a significant difference to those facing motor neurone disease. If you are up for the challenge feel free join me for a few laps.”

Last Friday, as part of the same fundraising drive, the Dundee University Mountain and Road Cycling Club (DUMRCC) encouraged locals to join them in a bid to complete the North Coast 500 challenge on static bikes.

They smashed the 516-mile target, reaching 681.9 miles.

We can’t imagine Sean will be keen to go too far beyond his target.


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