Hi all


I'm a noob here but not a noob to cycling.....have owned many bikes over the years and am a fairly competent mechanic.


The problem i've encountered has come with a new set of wheels on which it would appear that the end caps have not been tightened, this has resulted in the drive side end cap (rear wheel) protruding further than it would normally, in turn this has caused frame rub (down to the carbon but not through it) to my relatively new frame....when I realised what has caused this, I figured I could tighten it by hand and could see the clearance improve......


I've since sent the wheel back to the manufactuer and they are arguing that i've not tightened the QR and the end cap has loosened itself from there. and that it's not possible that the wheel was sent without the end cap being tightened......


I've not had to make any adjustments with the indexing(which does sound odd, but I can adjust the end cap in and out but still don't have to), i did however have to resit the disc brake calipers.



Advice please......Do I go small claims court??